Please leave if mail order of Misaki Tuna! We will deliver the tuna tuna that the tuna carefully selected carefully, from the Misaki port directly to the tuna tuna.

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The Delivery Process

We deliver the products you order through the following process.

Within Japan and in Singapore, transportation is handled by Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.
Transportation between Narita and Changi Airports is handled via Products are air transported between Narita and Changi Airport by courier service
designated by us.

Delivery fees

Package sizes (length + width + height) 60cm 80cm 100cm 120cm
Delivery fees (per unit) S$29~S$33 S$33~S$42 S$59~S$87 S$110~S$121

Delivery fees for each product are noted on the product details page.
Delivery fees may vary subject to the fluctuation of Singapore dollar exchange rate.