Please leave if mail order of Misaki Tuna! We will deliver the tuna tuna that the tuna carefully selected carefully, from the Misaki port directly to the tuna tuna.

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Terms of Service (Membership Agreement)

We require users to agree to the following terms of service prior to using this website.

About this website

  • ・This website is operated by Nippon-no-Megumi Exports, and is the official online store for “Misaki tuna.”
  • ・Usage is limited to individuals and corporations that have registered as members. There are no registration fees or yearly membership fees.

Membership registration

  • ・Please agree to these terms of service before registering as a member.
  • ・Multiple registrations under the same e-mail address are not valid.
  • ・Even under different e-mail addresses, registrations using the same address, telephone number or name are also invalid.
  • ・It is not possible for a single person to register for multiple memberships and to possess multiple accounts by changing their e-mail address, address, telephone number or name.
    (This includes pretending to be a friend or relative in order to register for membership.)
    Please note that, if it becomes clear that a customer is using multiple unauthorized accounts, all of that customer’s accounts will be deleted.
  • ・We may decide to nullify the membership registration and revoke the membership rights of customers who obstruct the purchases of other customers through large-volume purchases or purchases by proxy.

Member ID and passwords

  • ・Usage of registered matters specified for the purpose of using this website, including member ID and passwords, shall be limited to members only.
  • ・Member ID, passwords, etc. may not be transferred to, loaned to or put in the name of another person.
  • ・Members shall manage member ID, passwords, etc. at their own responsibility and for personal use only. We shall bear no responsibility for any damages incurred by the member resulting from mistakes in usage or unauthorized usage by a third party.
  • ・We will never ask members for ID or passwords other than when entering the information in dedicated web screens. Members shall immediately change their password if their ID or password is leaked to a third party, and we shall bear no responsibility for any damages incurred during that period.
  • ・Members may become unable to use this service if they forget their ID or password.

Registered e-mail address

  • ・The e-mail address registered for use with this service is for members only. Members shall not share the e-mail address with others.
  • ・We shall use the e-mail address registered by the member to send forgotten ID or password information that our member forgot. We shall also use the registered e-mail address when responding to inquiries received through our inquiry form.
  • ・Members shall manage and use the registered e-mail address at their own responsibility. We shall bear no responsibility for damages incurred as a result of disclosure of e-mail contents by a third party.
  • ・Members shall immediately register a new e-mail address when changing or deleting a registered e-mail address. We shall bear no responsibility for damages resulting from a failure on the part of the member to report the change to us.

Modifications to member information

  • ・Members shall modify registered information by following the instructions for “modifying registered content” on the dedicated web screen.
  • ・We shall bear no responsibility for damages resulting from a failure on the part of the member to make the modifications provided for in the preceding item.

Membership cancellation procedure

  • ・Members who wish to cancel their membership should contact us by e-mail. Memberships shall be deemed cancelled only after completion of the cancellation procedure.

Matters prohibited when using this site

  • ・The following actions are prohibited in order to ensure that shopping at Nippon-no-Megumi Exports is a satisfactory and smooth process.
    • 1)Using another person’s ID or password.
    • 2)Falsifying or altering the contents of purchase, purchase history, exchange records or any information relating to these.
    • 3)Obstructing the operation of this service.
    • 4)Causing confusion or loss on the part of a third party, such as by providing false information.
    • 5)Copying, reproducing or redistributing any images, data or information displayed on this site without our prior written approval regardless of form or the presence/absence of compensation.
    • 6)Other actions deemed to be against the law.
  • ・We shall be able to sue a member for damages that are caused by the actions of said member.

Deletion of membership registration

  • ・In the case that a member falls under any of the following items, we may suspend the ability of the member concerned to use this site and/or revoke their status as a user of this site, either after notifying the member or without notification. In this case, the rights bestowed on the member concerned shall be nullified.
  • ・In the case of a violation of any of membership provisions.
  • ・In the case that the whereabouts of a member become unknown due to circumstances on the part of the member, such as due to a failure on the part of the member to report changes to registered information, or in the case that it becomes impossible to notify or contact the member.
  • ・It shall not be possible to regain status as a member once lost.

Revisions to membership provisions

We shall be able to modify membership provisions at any time if we deem that modifications are necessary, and we shall revise the page on which these provisions are published on this site. In addition, it shall be possible, based on our judgement, to modify or discontinue the service.
In the case that these provisions are modified and the page on which these provisions are published on this site is revised, members shall agree to the modified provisions and shall not object to the revised provisions being applied even in regard to usage of this service before revision.
Membership provisions shall be governed by the laws of Japan.